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'Holy Trinity': Sent by Bruce Watson
The Holy Ghost, Jesus and God decide to have a day off and play golf. Holy Ghost steps on the tee with his silver driver, puts his silver ball on a silver tee and creams his drive 300yds. down the middle of the fairway. Jesus then gets on the tee with his golden driver, puts a gold ball on a gold tee and does the same as the Holy Ghost. God pulls his worn and battered old wooden driver from his bag, steps on the tee and puts a dirty, cut and scored ball on a broken wooden tee. He takes a mighty heave at the ball and slices it. Just then, an Eagle was flying by and caught the ball in it's beak and carried it towards the green, and dropped it 20 foot from the pin, whereupon a Hedgehog then pushed it with it's nose into the hole. Jesus then turned to God and said "Aw c'mon Dad it's only a !&*%^$ friendly game!!!
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