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Furzeley Golf Club and Furzeley Golf Course
Furzeley Golf Club and Furzeley Golf Course
Welcome To Furzeley Golf Club
Details Correct As Of 07/04/2015

Address    Furzeley Road
Town    Portsmouth
Postcode    PO7 6TX
Secretary / Manager    Derek Brown
First Name / Manager    Derek
Telephone    023 92231180
Fax   No Information Given
Club Website Address   www.furzeleygolfcourse.com
Email Address   No Information Given
Course Information Line Telephone    02392231180
Greenkeeper    Mark Sale
Club Professional    Derek Brown
Telephone    023 92231180
Fax   No Information Given
Pro's Website Address   www.furzeleygolfcourse.com
Pro's Email Address   No Information Given
Club Steward / Manager   No Information Given
Telephone   No Information Given
Fax   No Information Given
Number Of Holes    18 Hole
Course Yardage    4488
Par    62
Yardage Markers On Course   yes
Changing Room Facilities   yes
Handicap Certificates Required   no
Driving Range   no
Soft Spikes Required   yes
Society Day(s)     Mon , Tue , Wed , Thur , Fri , Sat , Sun
Type Of Club    Pay&Play
Course Type    Parkland
Green Fees Weekdays    9.00 / 15.00
Green Fees Weekends    9.50 / 16.00
Green Fees Twilight    10.00 / 7.50
Green Fees Junior    6.50 / 11.50
Green Fees Society   No Information Given
Green Fees Other   No Information Given
Joining Fee   No Information Given
7 Day Membership Fee    490
5 Day Membership Fee    400
Ladies Membership Fee    490
Junior Membership Fee    120
Country Membership Fee   No Information Given
Other Membership Fees   No Information Given
Membership Fee Information   No Information Given
Proshop Available   yes
Club Hire Available   yes
Club Repairs Available   yes
Custom Club Fitting Service   yes
Trolley Hire Available   yes
Electric Trolley Repair   no
Buggy Hire Available   no
Lessons Available   yes
Course Planner Available   no
Bar Available   yes
Breakfast Available   yes
Lunch Available   yes
Afternoon Tea Available   yes
Dinner Available   yes
Accommodation Available   no

02/10/2010 - Sent by Tommy MacRae
  It's a brilliant novice course to improve your short game. I have recently taken up golf a month ago and have found the course to be fantastic for me. Thcourse is well maintained and the staff are very friendly. I do however like to announce my annoyance towards the pros (not all) who winge like schoolgirls over the novices on the course. I like to point out to them that they were novices at some point too and probably annoyed the pros then. so i say, have some respect for us and we will respect your professionalism and we can all learn from each other. The front nine can be boring at times but still challenging for a novice. The 5th hole in particular can be difficult. The back nine is incredible. much harder than the front nine, it has wider fairways and lots of ponds and lakes. the 14th and 15th holes are brilliant. All in all, this course is great, i would recommend any golfer to come to this course, you will not find a better course to start off on and to improve your short game. 10/10

05/08/2010 - Sent by Paul Gray
  Furzeley, in my opinion is, as others have said, a good little course to work on your short game and learn the basics of the game before moving on to longer challenges. Once you've graduated from the front 9 you can move on to the slightly longer back 9. Better players would do well not to approach the course with too casual an attitude. It is very short and some of it is straight forward, but not all of it. It is, however, sometimes ruined by novices that know nothing about course etiquette. But wait, it isn't their fault.....it's the fault of every club in the country that lets anyone play and, in the pursuit of pure profit, does nothing to educate the uninitiated. So, in an attempt to make the game enjoyable for all, here is my tiny offering to the newcomer:

1. If the group behind you are having to wait for you, call them through. To save shouting at the top of your voice, just signal with your hands that you're happy to get out of their way.
2. When you get to the green always leave your bag towards the next tee. Do not cause delay by leaving it in front of the green or even to the wrong side.
3. If you hit a good, full shot on to a green, particularly with a short iron, there is every chance you will make a pitchmark. Repair it! Do this with a pitchmark repairer/fork, tee or even a key by gently lifting the 'dent' so that it's level with the rest of the soil. The grass and soil should now do the rest of the repair work for you. Feel free to be a bit smug whilst doing this. It means you're improving! Furthermore, always replace divots on fairways. If you repair a divot that isn't even yours, again, fell free to be a bit smug.
4. Always rake bunkers after use.
5. Never mark your card on the green. Get out of the way!
6. Remember you're not a pro and there are no cameras around. No one's here to see you spend three weeks on practice swings etc. In short, if you feel the urge to perform for your imaginary audience, get over yourself.
7. When others are playing, shut up. Furthermore, if you're in close proximity, stand still.
8. To summarise, remember other people exist and, if you can't even manage that, remember that any damage you do to the course could catch you out next time round. If you land in a divot on your next round and you didn't bother to repair one before it's all that you deserve.

If this all sounds pretty reasonable you're ready to be a respected golfer. For your sins you're one of us now so welcome onboard and enjoy your golf. Anyone that now gives you grief is just an idiot and I'm afraid you get them everywhere. You have every right to defend yourself against such people. If however these simple measures sound a bit too taxing for you, try something a bit more straight forward, such as crawling back into the pit from whence you came!

05/06/2010 - Sent by Ian Brighton
  Furzeley is an excellent small course that offers challenges to the new and more experienced disciplined players. It comprises two nine hole sections on either side of Furzeley Road each with their own distinctive features. Generally the first nine, adjacent to the club house and restaurant, although fairly narrow are of great benefit when trying to improve your ball control and touch over the short game. The back nine provides an opportunity to get your driver out with significantly wider fairways and a lot more water to negotiate. It is an extremely attractive and well maintained course, so much so that you get pheasants and different varieties of wildfowl accompanying the early morning golfer. The professional shop offers many competitive prices and solid advice on its wide range of products. It also boasts an excellent cafe supplying the best breakfast for many a mile around including flexibility to support any individual that may have any dietary restriction. How do I know; well I retired last year,had lessons, bought my equipment, play and eat there 3 to 4 days a week. The management team and staff are very friendly and the atmosphere while sitting out under the pergola relaxing having refreshments while watching other golfers finish is like home from home

16/05/2004 - Sent by Gary Jones
  Furzeley is an excellent beginners' course, but also has a lot to offer the more experienced player. From the back tees the par three fourth hole is as good a par three as I've every played. the tee shot on the par 4 fith hole is as challenging as you'd ever want, and the 15th is one of the most picturesque holes I've seen. Some of the holes are fairly bland, but you can't have everything, and overall the course has been extremely well designed given the limited amount of space that was available. I can't say that I agree with some of the previous postings. I agree that having a strict dress code is silly and detrimental to the game, but Golf is supposed to be above all an unselfish game, in which all players should consider others playing the course, and even beginners should be aware of basic rules such as keeping up with the group in front not playing a ball from out of bounds. Play the course - You'll have fun.

04/05/2004 - Sent by Lewis
  Furzeley is a cracking course. Mixture of par threes and fours easy and hard. I wouldnt say not to take any woods for the the front nine!!! I regularly take a driver on the par three fourth in wet conditions (200 yards). Although most play the front nine i play the 18 and personally the back 9 is my favourite. I am a novice myself but have found at this course that even though its a par sixty two it has taken me and a partner 4 hours to get around due to some of the women who who mix up a bit to much talking in with thier golf. But overall course is highly recommended.

20/10/2002 - Sent by Iain Gilmour
  A very good course for the novice who needs a bigger challenge than the local pitch and putt but who is not yet confident enough for a full 18 hole course. The setting is picturesque and the course will allow you to play just the first nine. Within that nine are a mixture of the quite easy and the quite difficult. The water hazard on the fourth and the length of the fifth are two of the biggest challenges to overcome but the novice can play from the shorter red tees to build up confidence before tackling the full distances. The reward for getting through the fifth and sixth are a relatively simple 7th and 8th to regain your confidence for the final ninth. Do be careful of infringing rules as some more experienced players are very unforgiving (for example, see review below) but there isn't a dress code and you shouldn't be using your woods in the first six months of learning to play anyway!

20/10/2002 - Sent by New to the Game
  Furzeley is a lovely little course for people like me who are very new to the game. As a par 3 course with a few par 4s which can be played as a 9 or 18 hole course, it is perfect for those who are ready for the next step after pitch and putt but not quite ready for the big courses.

There is a choice of tees so the novice can avoid some water features but still be challenged. The first three holes are simple but enjoyable, hole 4 has a large water feature which is quite daunting, holes 5 and 6 are very long and the hardest on the course before a simple hole 7 and 8 to regain confidence before tackling the last hole on the forward 9 which comes complete with bunkers.

The only drawback to the course is the rather sniffy attitude of players like the review below who obviously consider the mere beginner to be no more than an unwelcome distraction to their otherwise perfect lives. It also shows a complete lack of understanding of the mechanics of the game - most pros I have spoken to have said woods should not be used by the beginner for the first six months!!

This elitist attitude is appalling and the reviewer should be ashamed of himself and the damage he causes to the game.

21/09/2002 - Sent by Brian McCulloch
  In addition to the previous reviewer's comments, here is some useful advice.

1. Bring your own rake
2. Turn up in jeans/shorts, t shirts, in fact anything
3. Shoes are optional
4. Dont take any woods for the front nine
5. Don't wait for the group in front to clear - just hit and shout anything
6. Ignore the OOB rule

Get the drift?

19/09/2002 - Sent by Paul Newbery
  Although only a par 62 this course has a lot to offer. The front 9 is nothing special but it is worth getting round for the back 9 which has some gems of holes. There seems to be water everywhere, and when the wind blows it is a real challenge. The clubhouse and pro shop have minimum facilities and are overpriced so make sure you bring your drink and tees with you. A very good course to hone your iron play.

New, founded 1993.

2 miles North West of Waterlooville.
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