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SINCE its launch in 1999, The Internet Golf Club quickly became the UK's leading online golf site packed with club information, user reviews, holiday, travel & property information and a user forum.

The wide-ranging content attracts a large audience: Over 60,000 unique visitors each month and over 1 million site hits.

The Internet Golf Club remains the premier website for active golfers in the UK.


The Internet Golf Club users are:

    • In the prime of their golfing lives, with 80% above the age of 30.
    • Regular players, with 83% playing golf weekly, and 48% even more often.
    • Wealthy, with 48% earning over £30,000, 13% over £50,000 and 9% over £75,000
    • Big spenders, with 53% spending over £500 on golf kit in the past year, and 23% over £1,000.
    • Online shoppers, with 76% regularly buying online and 94% intending to buy online this year.
    • Obsessed with golf, with 49% taking regular golf holidays, and 84% expecting to take a golf holiday this year.
    • Dependent on the internet, with 54% researching their golf purchases purely by using the internet.


The Internet Golf Club offers numerous ways to reach your target golfing audience. Here are some suggestions, but the best approach is to discuss your needs with our commercial team, on the contact details below.

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